Sagitta Biotech is developing a pipeline of vaccines and oncology products

Sagitta Biotech is driven to address unmet needs in the vaccine, oncology, and gene therapy fields.

To this end, Sagitta Biotech is building its pipeline using a non-replicating active virosome platform that is specifically designed to be safe, effective, and easily manufacturable. It has a wide range of potential applications in vaccine development and targeted cancer or gene therapy.

The platform is highly versatile and can be easily manipulated using a cassette system to express a wide array of antigens and payloads specifically into the target cells. This active virosome technology allows for rapid development and production using existing manufacturing infrastructure.

We also offer use of our platform for co-development of custom vaccines, oncology, and gene therapy products, acting as a technology provider or subcontracting partner.


Benjamin Damien (PhD, MBA)


  • Vaccine design and immune-oncology expert
  • 20 years in biotech management and drug development (BioXpr, Targetome, Univercells, Delta Diagnostics)

Vishwas D. Joshi (PhD)

Scientific advisor

  • Inventor of the platform
  • Microbiologist
  • 20 years of experience in drug discovery R&D (Dr. Reddy’s, Glenmark, Bioplus)