Targeted cancer immunotherapy

Harness the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Immunotherapies are emerging as a highly promising therapeutic strategy for cancer which trigger the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells. These therapies can also be combined with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or other targeted therapies to improve their effectiveness.

Active virosomes can specifically target and kill tumor cells

Our non-replicative active virosomes are safer and more effective than currently available oncolytic viruses.

  • Target tumor cells specifically: increase safety by reducing off-target toxicity
  • Delivers checkpoint inhibitors, apoptosis inducers, and adjuvants
  • Easy and cost-effective to manufacture
Sagitta’s approach mimics viral infection and delivers key payloads specifically to the tumor cell
  1. OV expresses tumor-specific receptors on the surface
  2. OV binds to tumor receptor and enters the cell
  3. OV mRNA payload is released and translated into checkpoint inhibitor and apoptosis-inducing protein to trigger cell death
    1. When released, checkpoint inhibitor PDL1 nanobody induces a local immune response against the tumor cell
    2. OV induces apoptosis of the tumor cell